Toilet Cleaning Brush with Bowl Holder

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Product Description

Best Cleaning Tool for Your Toilet Want to make your toilet cleaning process quick and easy: Get Toilet Brush with Container (Assorted) With a firm stand, this toilet brush makes your everyday cleaning of the toilet extremely convenient. Keeps Your Toilet Neat and Hygienic The Toilet Brush with Container comes with a strong handle which ensures resistance against strenuous cleaning. It makes sure that the hard-to-reach corners are scrubbed well with the nylon bristles which will leave your toilet sparkling clean. The bristles are also flexible and durable. Comes with an Attractive Container The brush is made with plastic which gives it a firm grip. Plus, the availability of a stand gives it an added advantage as it can be easily placed in a corner in a neat and arranged look. The attractive container that holds the brush also ensures that you don't have to deal with a messy floor.

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